Thursday, 23 November 2017

I am very fortunate in that I don't often suffer from writers block. If I get stuck with a plot line or the development of a character or situation I find that a walk to the beach usually gets the little grey cells glowing and the synapses firing.
I'm not sure why it is - perhaps the physical exercise helps to loosen something or maybe the proximity of such a powerful element as the sea unlocks some hidden ideas. Whatever it is, I usually get home raring to go on the next instalment of what I'm currently writing.

I regularly walk on 'our' beach, at Pett Level but quite often venture a little further afield to Winchelsea Beach or, as today, Rye Harbour. At both of these places I feel in tune with my detective, DI Sonny Russell, as he lives nearby and often does the same walk. In this way, I can fell close to my creation and it gives me inspiration to describe how he reacts to, and interacts with, the world he inhabits.

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