Tuesday, 30 January 2018



As the saying goes, 'Time and Tides wait for no man'. We all know that time either drags, when you're bored, or races away when you're doing something interesting. However, tides remain constant, the ebb and flow repeating with monotonous regularity over roughly a 12 hour cycle. They also have a noticeable effect on out shoreline

First, a bit technical information Along a wave-dominated shoreline fine sediments of silt and clay remain suspended and are winnowed away. This leaves coarser sand and gravel behind. Thus fine grains are deposited offshore, where they remain largely undisturbed while sand and dominate the beach.

Now, as an artist, I find this is where nature produces its own art - changing every day. The beaches around here are relatively shallow, once you get away from the steep shingle foreshore. When the tide goes out a wonderful combination of rock pools and large flat areas of sand are produced. When I walk out, with Aggie, at low tide, I often find myself singing that wonderful song by the the band, America, 'A Horse with no Name' - 'The ocean is a desert with its life underground and a perfect disguise above'.

The above two collages show how amazingly different the sandy beaches are sculpted by the movement of the tide. Also, surprisingly delicate, tree-like patterns are often formed.

Altogether surprising when you consider how powerful the the movement of the tides is.

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